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John 5:24 is very clear, if we believe we have eternal life. These two concepts are unfathomable for man, but simple for God. On Palm Sunday Christ was ushered into Jerusalem as a new king with pomp and circumstance. But His kingdom was not of this world. We at first accept salvation, then expect Him to be what we envision.

The only way to eternal life is through Jesus Christ the Son of God and His shed blood on the cross.

The only way to eternal life is through Jesus Christ the Son of God and His shed blood on the cross.

Man ‘s belief is agreeing to the concept. God’s belief is whole hearted trust. Man quickly skips over John 14:15 – if ye love me keep my commandments. Man ignores James 2:20 – Faith without works is dead. Man misses Romans 12:1-2 – our bodies are a living sacrifice which is our reasonable service. Man misses 2 Corinthians 3:18 – changed into His image from glory to glory. Man “accepts” Christ as savior, then seldom reads the scriptures, attends worship sporadically, and never gives himself and his livelihood over to God without reservation. But when God is in man, he must produce for the Kingdom. Man should not be mere man any more, but a solider, a servant, a saint of God.

Man equally misses the purpose in eternal life. Life with God as opposed to life without Him. Life with God is in His presence, worshipping Him, adoring Him, honoring Him, glorying in Him and enjoying life to its fullest with Him for eternity. Man often turns eternal life into an extension of physical life, exploring the depths of the cosmos or mountain tops as an angel. Heaven is a place where God resides. It is His Kingdom. A kingdom is a busy place. Saints will have responsibilities some great, some small. However, all things will occur in perfection, without pain or suffering nor illness, in the perfection of the Kingdom of God. The perfect love of God will dominate in Heaven where the will of man dominates on earth.

How do you view your salvation? Do you see it as something inspiring you to change and achieve for God on earth? What are you doing for Him?