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You could guess this one was coming couldn’t you. Our federal government operates more like a dictatorship instead of a representative republic, our state government takes actions to remove constitutional powers from the people, you knew. Instead of “I told you so,” we should say, “God told you so.” He has, many times.

One aspect of great power that escapes many is that it always exposes one's virtue, or lack thereof.

One aspect of great power that escapes many is that it always exposes one’s true virtue, or lack thereof.

Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.[i] Is this especially about politicians? The quote goes on, “Great men are almost always bad men.” God told us this and repeatedly warns us about man’s true heart in scripture (Jeremiah 16:12; 17:9; Job 15:16; Psalm 53:1-3, et. al). History clearly documents the influence God had upon our founders. They knew this and more importantly took strong steps to remove power from politicians and place it in the people.

Is this problem singular? Is only our leadership corrupt? Is it only those we elect that eventually hunger and thirst for more power?

Ethical folks want to believe individuals in leadership desire to serve the people. We want to believe corruption, hubris and elitism are abnormalities that must be rooted out. Our scriptures and history tell us this is not true. Today we are quickly discovering the regular proliferation of corruption as opposed to the abnormality thereof. A quick survey of conviction records and incitements shows both major parties run neck in neck.[ii] Neither is better than the other.

We have a populace with itching ears heaping to themselves people that satisfy their own lusts (2 Timothy 4:3). The greater part of our population today is far afield from God. They turn their ears away from truth and follow fables (v4). Instead of character and virtue, we elect a king Saul. One who covets the people’s approval instead of leading in a principled and godly fashion. We elect individuals that give us spoils of conquest we do not deserve simply to bolster their ego and position. Instead of captured livestock and treasure, we take redistributed wealth and laws affording special privileges to deviant lifestyles. We are too naive to see how we enslave ourselves to government.

Biblically speaking, we have a number of examples from which to choose. Saul is one. Babylon is another. Nebuchadnezzar conquered Israel in 605BC. God permitted Israel’s conquest because of sin. Still, God is the King of Kings, even over Nebuchadnezzar. Daniel 4 describes a dream that plagues Nebuchadnezzar. Daniel interprets the dream about a great tree predicting his demise and decent into insanity. Nebuchadnezzar is driven out of his kingdom, and lives as a wild beast for seven years. Daniel 4:27 gives the king the same escape clause all of God’s people can exercise, “break off thy sins by righteousness.” Twelve months later while bragging about his achievements at a great feast, the King falls into insanity. Eventually he is humbled, comes to his senses, is restored to his throne and praises God.

Nebuchadnezzar’s son Belshazzar was prideful and worshipped created things (gold, silver, brass, iron, wood and stone). He commanded Jerusalem’s sacred goblets be used at parties by princes, wives and concubines. Daniel five records that in that same hour, God wrote a message on the wall of the king’s palace. Belshazzar did not even know what it meant, but he immediately turned pale, fear gripped him, his legs gave way as his knees buckled and knocked and he lost control of himself before his whole court. Men know when God is at work and it is frightening. Wise men are humbled. Fools cower and connive.

Daniel read the writing on the wall. The words, “Mene” is to reckon, repeated meant determinately so; God decided to end Belshazzar’s kingdom, now. “Tekel,” meant a shekel by weight; the king was weighted and found wanting. “Peres,” (upharsin’s root) meant division; God divided the Babylonian kingdom between the Medes and Persians. Foolishly, Belshazzar connived. That night the Medo-Persian’s overthrew Belshazzar’s kingdom and slew him.

Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar and even Darius after them were arrogant men filled with pride born from a false sense of superiority over mankind in general, and their own destiny in particular. God ordains kings to serve Him and His people. Not an autocrat, a servant with proper authority for wise loving governance. Autocracy develops from man’s depraved heart. Jesus perfectly models servant governance as the Good Shepherd, ultimately sacrificing himself for His people (John 10). Shepherding, protecting, leading people to godly prosperity and success are our leader’s duties societally, economically and spiritually. Congress printed a Bible for America in 1782.[iii] Our first leaders were shepherds.

Politicians are supposed to lead this way. Though they serve the people, they are to govern with a servant’s heart (Joshua 22:5). Godly leaders seek direction in scripture from the Holy Spirit. As John Jay said, “Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers. And it is the duty as well as the privilege and interest, of a Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers.”[iv] Only Christians serving Jesus Christ can comprehend servant leadership. The reason America falters is because people fail to elect Christian leadership. For almost a century we have elected lesser men and women not worthy of the honor.

Meeism in Government has given birth to wanton sin, run-away debt, dismantling the family unit and societal dissolution. People consider President Clinton’s ability to convincingly lie an attribute. The truth of the family unit is now a lie. NBC called Christianity an “alternate lifestyle.”[v] What hope do we have? Only Jesus. If you want to reclaim America, vote for nothing less than Christian men and women.

Further, the American people must get right with Christ first. It begins with one heart humbled, submitted and worshipping God and His Son (John 11:26; 1 John 5:12). Seek His salvation. That revival can save our America.

[i] John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, (1834–1902)

[ii] A cursory count finds over 500 for both parties; about 12 separate them. Our standards used to be very high. George Washington appointed Federal Judge John Pickering was impeached and convicted for drunkenness and profanity. Drunkenness and profanity were neither high crimes nor misdemeanors. They brought great discredit upon Pickering’s position and reflected poorly the leadership of the federal bench.

[iii] Robert Aitken’s letter to congress, January 21, 1781. More at http://www.aitkensbibleproject.org.

[iv] John Jay first supreme court justice of the Untied States in a letter to Jedidiah Morse, February 28, 1797

[v] In an interview after Olympic freestyle skier David Wiese’s gold medal performance, NBC reporter Skyler Wilder called his life with a wife and child and faith in Christ an “alternate lifestyle.” To this reporter it is strange that a 23-year-old man could be that mature and consider becoming a pastor. At age 11, John Quincy Adams was the first secretary to the Ambassador of Prussia.