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Though this word sends chills down our spine in politics, the truth is that change is exactly what Christ is all about. Not change for power or autocracy, change in individuals for God’s glory.

When we approach God, we should be mindful of a few things. First, of ourselves, we have no place before Him (John 3:18). There is nothing we can give God to satisfy His requirements of perfection (Romans 3:25; Hebrews 9:15). Second, we are literally at enmity or war with Him because of his perfection (Romans 8:7; James 4:4). We fight against everything He stands for. Third, only Jesus, His son warrants an audience with the Father. The only person to have ever satisfied all of God’s requirements was His own Son (1 John 5:10). If we are going to have a position before God the Father, it must be in the likeness of His Son.

What do we change then? What things about us do we need to work on? Surely there are some redeeming qualities I have to offer God. The sad truth is there is nothing about you He wants to remain. This strikes at the core of our soul because we know we’re worth something. We’ve been told for decades that we have value. Our self esteem is regularly stroked, emboldened and encouraged. There are 62 verses that tell us we are to be “as Christ.”

God does find us where we are; He takes us from that place though and elevates us to His holiness. In this elevation, we are encouraged to become more like His Son and less like ourselves. With man these things are impossible, with God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26). We are required to change our witness, our life’s desires, our purpose for life, our desires for family, fame, fortune and pleasure. Everything about you and especially your testimony for God as a whole must change.

Jesus simply said, go and sin no more (John 8:11). He expected the harlot to change. He expects you to change too. Go and sin no more my brothers and sisters.