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Jesus was a Veteran. Not of American wars of course. Not of any earthly military. He was a veteran in God’s service. God led mankind for thousands of years before Christ came to earth. You may find that confusing. Jesus was used to serving, God had led. Those two things may at first seem opposite, but they are deeply and inextricably intertwined.

We lead, we serve, we pray.

We lead, we serve, we pray.

Jesus is God, that’s the first hurdle. In John 4 we find Him going specifically through Samaria, out of His way, off of the normal path to witness to an entire community. The lady that comes to the well has had five husbands and the man she is currently with is not her husband. Jesus knows this but she does not know Him. Who but God could know people, especially the outcast of society, so well.

Jesus is a servant. He came to save not to judge (John 12:47). He came to do the work He was sent to do (John 6:38). He came to heal the sick (Luke 7:22). Without Jesus first serving us, we can have no part in serving Him (John 13:8).

Veterans know there is a direct connection between leadership and servitude. In serving our country, our President, our service organization, our commanders and  each other, we have our place of leadership. Service means you are given a task, organized to accomplish it, and directed to its completion. Inside that service individuals lead. Now as veterans our service is directly tied to our nation, our communities, our families. Where we served and led on battlefields overseas, we now serve and lead on the battlefields of our communities.

We do not know people as Jesus knew them, but He certainly knows each one of us. Christian veterans serve in the Lord’s army. We fight for freedom to worship. We fight for freedom to teach God’s truth. We fight for our right to witness Christ to everyone. We also serve. We serve Christ by teaching our families the things of God. We serve by sharing His word with them. We serve by leading our homes spiritually. We serve in our church as part of the Body of Christ (Ephesians 4).

Veterans continue to serve. My military brethren and sisters, thank you for your leadership and service.