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Why did God make the platypus? What was His idea behind mosquitoes? We all have questions that only God can answer. We resolve ourselves to wait to be in glory to know many of the “whys.”

The Master teaching his disciples.

The Master teaching his disciples.

If Jesus came to earth again, we might be tempted to ask Him some of these questions. On the other hand many, just as it happened in first century Israel, would hold on tight to their personal ministries. Unbelieving scientists steeped in evolution would ignore asking the Creator and stand on their hypothesis and theories about animal life. While they could just walk over and ask Jesus, their pride is too great.

While man’s pride holds tenaciously to his reason, God is right there willing to answer the questions if we just let go of the world. Many seek answers, but they seek them from sources trusting in admittedly incomplete and erroneously reasoned information. Science is ever changing. Man cannot know everything about everything. Man will always only know a little about some things. This is especially true about the spiritual world where man has no influence, little exposure (most of that is demonic) and even less direct knowledge. In John 3:31-35 John the Baptist told his disciples that instead of listening to the called, listen to the caller.

John the Baptist is a servant of God, one chosen for a task, one given specific instruction. Jesus is God, the task master, the instructor. True servants point to the master. True servants of Christ want His presence and gladly forsake their own audience. True servants know where they received their inspiration and strength. Seek Christ first, then His revelation will enlighten you.

First submit to an audience with the Master. The beginning of wisdom is reverence for God (Psalm 111:10). Then eternal things will be made manifest to you (2 Timothy 1:10).