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This is a subject frequently discussed in scripture. It is also, along with love, the most difficult for man to activate in life. We are not naturally humble or loving. Love and humility should feed one another just as pride and selfishness do. God commands us to love one another 19 times. Though love is mentioned over 310 times, that God sees the need to command us to love one another 19 of those times should tell us He has a lot of work to do. The idea of humility is mentioned over 30 times directly. Once again, the fact that God has to tell us what it is and that we must humble ourselves must be significant to us.

God serving man. Humbling Himself to the most humble of tasks to save the most arrogant of his creation.

God serving man. Humbling Himself to the lowliest of tasks to save the most arrogant of his creation.

Humility is portrayed in various ways. The greatest form of humility is displayed in our Lord Jesus as He came from His perfect Heaven to this sin ridden earth in order to save you from sin. If we can consider even the simplest things that this truth involves we can begin to grasp the depth of God’s love for us and how He demonstrated that love in just coming here, let alone dying for us on the cross.

Heaven is so rich that gold is only worthy of being pavement in the streets. Christ gave up treasures and a throne we can not imagine to come here. Heaven is so full of contentment that no one is ever unhappy. Even those poor in spirit, the angels that look longingly down upon us from heaven, are happy in all they are, in all they do, in their whole existence. They have not one regret for they have not one sin.

Heaven is so beautiful and full of light that no darkness exists, nothing detracts from its beauty. There is no death in Heaven. All plants, all animals, all living things remain eternally and exist eternally. There is no dead fall in the forest. You will never see road kill. There is never destruction.  Nothing wears out.

Heaven is so perfect, there is never a pot hole in the streets. You do not need a car. There is no pollution. You will never step into a hole and twist your ankle or break a bone. No one is ever hurt. No need for hospitals. No sickness exists.

Heaven is without defilement, it is holy, separated, sanctified. There is no smell of sewage from a local plant. No paper mills or other industry fills the air with stench. Sheep herds have no odor! I was blessed today to take the trash to the landfill. All of you who have been to a landfill will understand when I say, in heaven there is no landfill!

There is no anger, not wronging, no reason for emotional uproar, no pride, no one wrongs anyone else. No one demands their rights because everyone always loves one another perfectly, selflessly and without ulterior motive. Trust is unreserved. No one is afraid to love one another unconditionally. Worship is pure, perfect, untainted by sin or worldly influence. There is only one church and it is perfect, (just like Grace Bible!). Everyone is welcome and everyone wants to be there.

Humility recognizes Jesus came from this place to where none of the bad things in our lives on earth exist (John 3:28-30). Humility recognizes Jesus CHOSE His path to come to earth. Humility produces a contrite heart as it sees the need for Jesus’ sacrifice. If you are not broken for sin as Christ was, or humble like Him, you have work to do.