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How do we escape? How will we ever be reconciled with God? These two questions plague many and the answer is too simple for the world to comprehend, “Jesus.” (John 1:5)

Escape can describe a condition of futility in addiction, depression or hopelessness given a never ending torment of pain, discomfort or

God will accept repentance from even the most hardened of hearts. His love reaches past all things.

God will accept repentance from even the most hardened of hearts. His love reaches past all things.

helplessness. Escape is falsely manufactured in the sense of and attempts to control life because of real or perceived personal attacks from others. Escape is a false sense of protection that demands other’s accountability that denies trusting God. Many times depression, helplessness, torment, pain or discomfort lead to an addiction that provides escape. These are all false and temporary attempts to manage temporally what is only manageable spiritually. Any synthetic escape is exactly that, manufactured; not real nor natural and only short lived. Any escape that demands greater accountability of others to one’s self is equally a fools game that promotes personal pride. There is a better escape, a longer lasting escape, an escape that is real, tangible and permanent.

Every soul identifies with the need for reconciliation with God. While some attempt to deny the need, they fight against what they claim they do not believe. It is a paradox that continues to pull at the strings of the soul, plucking or strumming a song that will never end. (Romans 7:14-22)

Every person knows they have committed a wrong of some sort in life. Whether it was taking candy from a candy store, lying to someone to stay out of trouble or avoid consequences, or even having uttered words that they regret, everyone knows they are imperfect in some way. Equally, every soul yearns for purity, sanctification, holiness and release from the strains of these known or perceived imperfections. Our soul yearns for purity and our heart often deceives it into thinking we ourselves are pure enough. However, the soul itself knows better and strives anew again and again for a mutually understood purity that every soul has available to it. The only one who can reconcile with us with the pure holy God of Heaven is Jesus. (Ephesians 2:16)

Repentance is a heartfelt sorrow, renunciation of and commitment to forsake sin in obedience to Christ, in submission to His salvation. Repentance is first. One must first recognize they have sinned, they are imperfect, they cannot stand alone before a perfect sinless God and expect access to His Kingdom.

Repentance is intellectual, emotional and willful. We consider our condition before God and what must be done to change that position. Our heart yearns for corrective action, but we know no man on earth, no thing in our imperfect world, not a single element can be perfect for all things decay and die. We then decide to change. We have to decide purposefully to conform our disposition and countenance to Christ.

God gives you all the tools. He has done all the work. You only have the ability to decide because He first decided. All you have to do is submit. Turn to Christ today. He is calling you. By reading this, He is calling you. (Isaiah 55:6)