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Did you know the people of Auschwitz never knew what was really happening at the concentration camp in their town. After Auschwitz was liberated, the town’s people were marched through and asked to never forget what evil really is. The evil of that place was hidden, kept a secret because those perpetrating these evil deeds knew what they did was wrong. That’s in John 3:20. Everyone that doeth evil hateth the light. The evil at Auschwitz, in the torture chambers of the Red House in Sulaimaniyah, Iraq, in the hills of Afghanistan where Al-Qaeda lived, the deeds of Stalin, the Khmer Rouge and so many others in history is darkness striving for continued concealment and control. All evil seeks to remain hidden in darkness because it knows its deeds are evil.

Christ's pure light exposes our sin. That is what we fear in Christ.

Christ’s pure light exposes our sin. That is what we fear in Christ.

In America we have different versions of this evil in health care that has death panels, in the politics of character assassination masked as scandal and wanton lasciviousness, fornication, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies now seen as a norm and expected in our political leadership. These evils first fight manifestation and light then when brought into the light fight to bring everything else into darkness with them by claiming adultery and all forms of sexually deviant behavior is normal for some. Today we point to the worst in our forefathers and national founders as if to make that a norm. We should emulate their best qualities, highlight their finest character and strive to reach their level of national patriotism.

John 3:21 tells us that if we are pure, we should not fear the light. If we strive to please God in all we do, we do not fear the light of Christ shining on us. It is a complete opposite of our society today. Natural man wants to maintain secrecy in life except the socially acceptable (as noted above quickly becoming wicked itself), the Christian lives a life that is an open book. The Christian wants everything to be recognized as a work of God in their life. The Christian is fearful of no light shining upon them or their efforts. The Christian opens the closet with the skeletons and throws them out on the floor before Jesus. The Christian knows Jesus already died for them, that everyone has them, that his are essentially no different from any other. The Christian lives life free from secrets, free from control, free unto faith in their daily walk (2 Cor 5:7).

Control is the illusion not the reality. Each of those in the first paragraph above was revealed, made manifest for all to see. They thought they had control. Freedom is giving up that control to an all-powerful God who is in control already. It is always easier to willingly hand something over to God rather than Him having to take steps to reveal it himself, or worse yet pull it from your clutching hands (like the child being forced to share a toy and fighting you for it). Salvation is bowing the knee to God in life instead of being forced to do so at the Great White Throne judgment. Which of the two has a better outcome?