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Salvation is a hot topic that many discuss. One pictures being saved as a process with defined steps. One says that it is all God’s doing and the chosen will be saved regardless. One says it is completely man’s choice to accept Christ as savior or not. One question that is answered in John 3:18 is that we all begin in the same condition. We are all condemned.

There is a sense that God, being omniscient, knows how we might respond to any completely helpless or predetermined situation. Some of the human race would just give up, or take extreme liberties knowing their future is determined. Others might take the opportunity to expand whichever situation they feel best fits. A more gentle,

When he comes to judge it may look beautifully surreal but t will be terribly real.

When he comes to judge it may look beautifully surreal but t will be terribly real.

kind and moral person may try to perfect those qualities in their lives. Alternatively, individuals naturally bent toward wickedness, debauchery, hate and division might choose to perfect those attributes and life styles. The former believes that God will weigh the good and bad and they’ll come out entering heaven. The latter sees their ultimate freedom to sin wantonly on earth and in hell; the “I’d rather be partying with my buddies in hell,” crowd. If they only knew.

Nicodemus believes he is a chosen child of God, PLUS he’s a Pharisee. Jesus is trying to get through Nicodemus’ religious shell by pointing out to him that everyone begins condemned no matter how good they may be. In John 3:18-20 Jesus punctuates this discussion with a stark difference. There are the saved, and there are the condemned. Man’s beginning and natural condition is condemnation. Man’s condition with the Son of God is salvation. John also uses one of his famous illustrations to highlight the drastic difference, darkness and light. In the dark we are blind and lost. In the light we can see, understand, move, operate and live.

Child of God, walk in the light of the Savior. You sought His light once, stay in it and never let it go. Step out of the darkness and never return. Child of the world, free yourself from the bondage of worldly blindness. Accept the salvation and the light, Jesus. Step out of the darkness and never return.