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In John 10:10 Jesus tells us that He has come that we may have a more abundant life. Life eternal (John 3:16) certainly qualifies. Life on earth changes for the believer when they accept Christ. Now the focus is on things heavenly. There is purpose beyond this existence. There are eternal ramifications in our work for God.

Accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior, believing in Him, laying your whole life, John10_10both temporal and eternal, in His hands, trusting Him with all you are and all you can be spreads your life across the heavens. Having life in more abundance, having eternal life means working on earth for God in Heaven.

We might wonder how man can effect Heaven from earth. Did you ever think that in your life here on earth the only effect you can have on Heaven is positive? You will never negatively effect Heaven, you can only store up treasures there. When you work for God on earth, you are adding golden bricks to the streets, polishing the pearly gates or the jeweled walls. Your life spent for Christ does even greater things as you witness, encourage, love, promote peace and spread the joy of eternal salvation. In these efforts your life adds citizenry to God’s Kingdom.

Life eternal begins here on earth as you share Christ with those around you. Live your life in abundance. Live life on earth for your heavenly home.