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Every gift is unique. Not every gift one receives is unique. You may receive the same pair of socks as the next person received, but to each individual that same gift has different meaning and importance. Whether there was conversation between the giver and the receiver, whether it simply struck the giver to select those socks, whatever circumstances revolve around the gift they are unique to both giver and receiver.

The ultimate gift through a series, born by pure grace, not of our own lest any man should boast.

The ultimate gift through a series, born by pure grace, not of our own lest any man should boast.

What we often do is give a gift that is needed from our point of view. We may surreptitiously interview the recipient or just know our loved one enough to know what they need. Regardless, we normally give a gift that we believe they need and will enjoy. Even the humorous gifts have these intentions. Someone may need a laugh.

God gives us many gifts. They begin with belief in Him. He gives us extra abilities, spiritual gifts such as preaching, teaching, evangelism, service and prophecy, among others (Eph 4:8; 1 Cor 12). We often do not realize that as gifts are given uniquely and mean something unique to each receiver, so too will gifts be used uniquely. God’s gifts to us and our abilities to use them will affect the gift in a unique way. The gift of preaching for one may be for conviction of sin . While that same gift to another may be for edification and instruction. We should never presume to know one’s ability or gift. Equally, we should never presume to know how that gift will be used by that individual for God’s glory.

One gift is essential for all others, even salvation. For this reason, faith is the first and must rank as one of the greatest gifts of God (Rom 12:3).  Without faith you will not believe in the Son and receive salvation, God’s ultimate gift. Through salvation we receive the gift of righteousness (Rom 5:17-18: 6:23). Those gifts mean different things to different people but all result in eternal blessings. Rejoice in this greatest gift and live by it (Hab 2:4; Gal 3:11).