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This is love.

This is love.

Man has said that love can move mountains. In the Bible that is the result of faith. John Lyly said, “all is fair in love and war.” The Bible teaches that in God’s perfect justice and love He is at war with evil. An ancient Chinese proverb teaches that perfect love sets free the object of that love. This is based in a teaching that you truly own nothing of your own. Control is an illusion. The Bible teaches that God’s love is given freely and He desires we choose Him over the world, God does not force our faith or obedience. Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote, “It is better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all.” The Bible teaches that purely out of love Jesus Christ gave himself on the cross for the whole world knowing that most would never seek or accept His salvation (John 3:16).

Many have attempted to capture love in a phrase but all fail because love is immensely prolific. We complicate things by belittling love in today’s society. Many make it simply a physical act between man and woman. If love were a cell connected to all its functions by a strand of hair, the strands would number those on your head. Even that does not describe the network of connections between each function, or the effect one has upon another in the operative love of an individual.  Love is complicated.

God is love, it is His character, His essence. God is complicated. God is perfect. God is the perfect complication of love. When we need a hug, God is there. When we need a helping hand, God’s hand lifts our load. When we need to be left to our own devices, God steps back. When we need to experience failure to grow, God lets us fall. In all cases God never gives us more than we can handle if we reach out to Him in the process of any trial. God’s love is perfectly complicated. God complicates His love perfectly for you.