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With so many people there has to be a ritual, a format, some sort of liturgical procession to properly worship God. To them, it is all in the ceremony not the substance of worship. Some get this idea from the careful and meticulous rules in Leviticus concerning the sacrifices and processes of worship and preparation the Levites performed. They think that’s the way God wants everything to be, very organized, very specific, very regimented. God’s only requirement is that your heart be broken and your attitude be contrite (Psalm 51:17).

Look on the Cross and be healed from the corruption of your sin.

Look on the Cross and be healed from the corruption of your sin.

Your heart must be broken for your sin. You must know any one sin you commit immediately disqualifies you for His Kingdom. Jesus said that if you think it, you’ve already committed the sin in your heart, you’re out. You dishonor, disobey or in any way disrespect your parents, you’re out. Out meaning permanently separated from God, eternally dead to Him, spiritually deceased. This sinful condition should distress you and develop a contrite or humble heart. Your heart should be humbled knowing its condition before a Holy God. Through Christ you can be “in.” In meaning alive, living in God’s eternal Kingdom for all eternity. In meaning a life of eternal joy, peace and love.

The only way “in” is to be purified again, be cleansed from the poison of sin. God’s Kingdom is pure, He requires all inhabitants be pure. Every adult, every child, everyone must be purified because they have all been stung by sin’s viper (Numbers 21:6-9). No shot from a doctor, no anti-venom, no earthbound remedy, ritual, custom or organization will cleanse your blood stream of the corruption of sin.  The only chance for a cure is in Jesus Christ. It seems too simple. Most people completely miss the remedy. All you have to do is believe, rest, trust in Jesus Christ as the Son of God who gave himself as a sacrifice for your sin so long ago. You have to believe, not your children, not your mother, not your brother or sister. Each individual is responsible for working out their own salvation (Philippians 2:12).

Do you fear God? You will only be confident before Him with Christ in your heart. Your sins are cleansed through His blood alone. Believe in Christ and be saved.