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When many read the title they immediately identify with the loss of life, the blood spilled of our precious men and women to maintain our freedom. That is a natural thing for any American because it bears its truth regularly. We loose men and women training as well as fighting to maintain our freedom.


Remember them. There will be more.

Remember them. There will be more.

The price for freedom is not only paid by our country for national freedom. God’s people have had to pay the same price and use the same resources to worship Him from the beginning of time. God ordained that great power must be exercised and blood must be spilled to achieve as well as maintain freedom for nations, and to worship Him (Gen 3:21, Deut 6-7; Mark 8:31). The reasons for this are many, however they normally boil down one, Satan.

Satan and those in His control fight against God and His will at every turn. Here on earth, this often boils down to our lives in the balance. Satan will kill man wantonly to thwart God’s will and steal what was never his, worship (John 8:44) . On earth this is accomplished through temporal powers such as governments. Today, we see those freedoms eroding again as Satan’s influence in government grows.

We celebrate those who fought and paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom today in America. As Christians we should never forget the one true Savior who was cut down at the cross on Calvary to free our spirit’s bondage from earth. On the first, our government has forgotten. On the second we must never forget. Precious brothers and sisters we will have to spill blood again for our religious freedom in America. Satan never rests, be ever vigilant.