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Do you believe that man is without excuse? The scriptures tell us this in Romans 1:20 and Psalm 19. The Creator shows himself to man through the creation in many ways and on many levels. God may be invisible, but He hides in plain sight of man.

God displays himself in and through His creation (Psalm 19).

God displays himself in and through His creation (Psalm 19).

Still, the skeptic, the atheist or agnostic will question God’s very existence. As believers we see Him everywhere. Truthfully, the atheist and agnostic do as well. Man inherently knows God exists. Why do unbelievers fight the inevitable judgment they do not believe is coming? This beginning deviant logic produces some illogical inevitabilities.

Questioning the things of God, displaying unbelief produces strange responses from man such as denying intelligent design in creation, but attributing our existence to aliens seeding our planet with DNA. It creates foolish arguments about when a baby in a woman’s womb will be considered human (click here), as if man’s debate will change the new life into some other animal. The child is human at conception.

Aliens didn’t seed our planet. Besides, where did they come from? A baby in a woman’s womb will always be human, never a dog, or cat, or any such thing. It is all foolishness (Proverbs 13:16).

God is right in front of us. He is always here. If we do not believe the things of the world He created, and that He created them we will struggle to believe in Him (John 3:12). Believe in Him and have eternal life (John 3:16). The evidence is all around you.