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You are a mom. Being a mom means you nurture children. It also means you are a wife. You nurture your husband as well. (Gen 3:16d)

You are a nurturer. What you do is encourage and embolden those around you through a loving firm hand. You counsel in ways no counselor can. You support with your heart, mind and soul. You are committed beyond your personal limits, yet are able to perform

The adoration of a mother.

The adoration of a mother.

all that which is required. You gladly give a morsel of food. You’re ever valuable time, and your undivided attention when you have none left. Somehow, God always seems to provide that little bit more for you too. (Gen 2:18)

You are a fabulous cook, a masterful craftswoman fo the highest caliber. Your abilities and imagination are unsurpassed. When face with the doldrums of home life, the never-ending toil of cleaning, laundry, cooking, cleaning, laundry, cooking you find ways to enjoy the simplest things such as coloring pictures, reading a good book or simply going for a walk. The simple things in life are staples in mom’s repertoire. (Gen 2:20)

A good husband knows he does not deserve you. You are worth more than he could ever provide. To you, you seem to do little to earn this loving devotion, to your husband you do everything and more to receive his love and affection. Your abilities and power are born from a position of strength, servitude incompatible with the world. Your strength to persevere can only come from an all powerful God. You are gifted of God specifically as a helpmeet. you are empowered by God as a natural leader. You are blessed of God in your home. Only by God’s loving grace do we men have our wives and mothers in our lives. (1Tim 2:15)