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     If we lived in Africa, we would deal with things in an every day existence as the Africans have to deal with them. I am privileged to be in regular contact with a pastor in Kenya. Pastor Rashid is a man who has and is always struggling with the challenges of his environment in Kenya. We have prayed over the loss of one of his Born of the Spiritsons to disease. We have prayed over the need for funding for his children to attend grade school. We have prayed over great political unrest. Pastor Rashid is destitute but travels over 20 miles on bike to minister to other congregations. Most recently, there have been floods that swept away his home and the homes of many of his congregants. Brother Rashid ministers in the spirit to a material need while in material world. He begs prayer every time he communicates.

     Still, Pastor Rashid continues. He does not give in, or give up, or stop. He knows God’s will and His will is that he continue to worship, continue to minister, continue in the spirit regardless of the circumstance, that is bent and bending more and more toward the Father. These things are only possible with the strength of God pressing Pastor Rashid forward.

     We can only discern God’s Spirit if we are reborn in His spirit. We see spiritual activity all around us that is dark, foreboding, and threatening. We see this spiritual activity transformed into physical manifestations such as drunkenness, spousal abuse, child abuse, pornography and all other forms of wickedness. Finding God’s love is difficult for any natural person on earth and no wonder. But being a child of the Kingdom of God, being Born again through His blood by His Spirit into His kingdom, that is worth living for! When winds of evil spread their wings in your direction, look for God’s light. It is always there. 1 John 4:4 tells us that if we are of God, we have overcome the worldly because God in us is greater than Satan in the world.