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Okay – this is somewhat philosophic because most atheists believe they are philosophers. Therefore, if you do not care for philosophy you can put the article down this week. I do not blame you. I do not care for philosophy much either. Man created it for man. That is why Atheists like it. They can change as man changes. Pretty safe that way. You do not really have to have principled beliefs, e x c e p t in what y o u believe? See why philosophy makes no sense.

The atheist claims there is no God, yet they are compelled to argue against God’s existence. Why argue about something you claim you do not believe in? That seems ironic, oxymoronic, schizophrenic and somehow unproductive. That is philosophy though. It

Atheism always comes back to man. Man can do it. Man can figure it out. Man knows how to live. Man determines his own path from beginning to end. Man, man, man. Man does a lot to control, subordinate and lord over man

Atheism always comes back to man. Man can do it. Man can figure it out. Man knows how to live. Man determines his own path from beginning to end. Man, man, man. Man does a lot to control, subordinate and lord over man

argues things ad infinitum (Latin for “endlessly” but sounds cool). Ultimately, people (even believers in Jesus) argue vehemently in favor of their beliefs. The reasons vary.

Unbelievers argue to escape accountability from God. They’re arguing with people about God’s authority. Figure that one out. It’s not people who give God His authority. It’s God’s authority. Arguing with people isn’t going to get you anywhere. Regardless, Atheists desire acceptance, attempting to validate their unbelief by convincing others that they do not believe what they do not believe. Most people argue for what they DO believe. Atheists already have it backwards. They argue that they believe in unbelief. Wow, that is deep thinking, I think. On the other hand, is it double-speak? Please forgive the sarcasm.

Believers argue to share Christ (eternal life) with unbelievers. Christians want others to be in Heaven with them. They know the alternative and desire as Jesus did, that no one suffers eternally.

While one claims a false sense of freedom that actually binds them to the world; the other lives in freedom from the temporal world. One only wants the world’s things; the other has greater vision, sees greater life fulfillment in this life and an existence in eternity. Whose camp do you want to belong to? The one that believes this world’s ills, woes, murder and mayhem are all there is to life. That’s depressing. Alternatively, would you like to belong to the camp that says there is hope outside this cruel and wretched world? That is a hope that is worth the struggle, a hope that is worth the fight.

One question many fail to answer (or ask) with respect to the arguments; why do we need to escape the temporal world? What’s so bad about it? Ask anyone. They will tell you without hesitation, our world is getting worse by the day. As we covet and glorify death more and more (abortion, violent games, euthanasia, death panels, abortion outside the womb!), who wants to stay here? If all life consists of is birth to parents you cannot choose, rearing in a fashion you cannot determine, living a life only for yourself or someone else’s sense of magnanimity, finally dying a death you have little choice in, what says it’s all worth the struggle in-between?

There is no hope in man. Mankind’s hope is always about the man with the idea. But Jesus did not commit himself unto them, because he knew all men, and indeed not that any should testify of man: for He knew what was in man. (John 2:23-24) Jesus knew man’s heart tries to accomplish its own will. Romans 3:11 tells us that man does not even want to look for God. Those who find God find Him because of His grace (Ephesians 2:8). Man has always been and will always be limited by his pride or intellect or both.

Wow, doesn’t all that junk sound just depressing? If you made it this far, let me commend you. You are tough! Here is some hope for you, some love, some redeeming quality that you can rest in and be joyful. Isaiah 53:4 and 5 tell us that Jesus bore our grief’s, and carried our sorrows, He was wounded for our sins, bruised for our immorality and gross, hateful behaviors. In verse seven, we learn that He was oppressed and afflicted as an innocent lamb brought to the slaughter. Jesus did all this and submitted himself to the death of man on the cross at Calvary so you would not have to suffer eternal judgment (Philippians 2). The hope is in looking at things eternal and not being mired in this short-lived man centered timescale.

God made the heavens and the earth and all that is therein in six days (Nehemiah 9:6). He provides for our eternal existence. Eternity is something only He knows about. It is usually wise to ask someone with experience when making important decisions. Eternal life is an important decision. God gives us hope past this world. His existence is not dependent upon this world. God promises eternal life beyond our physical life. He exists spiritually. God knows about both the spiritual and material world. Since God knows these things, He has communicated these things to us, He actually lives the life He encourages us to participate in and God has given us hope to escape the toils, troubles and tribulations of life; why not ask God?

One question and one answer could take care of it all. Ask the atheist if they have ever been to heaven, been to the spiritual world, walked with spirits as a spirit or done any of the things God has done. They will say, they do not “believe” in those things. Therein lies your answer. Atheism is a faith system of negativity, depression and oppression. That is why the first part of this article was well, depressing.

The Bible teaches me that I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13). This includes living life eternally in a perfect Heavenly world. Where God gives hope, provision, promise, love, compassion and strength, the Atheist only says, “I don’t believe.” The Christian says, talk to someone who has been there, Jesus.