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The system. That phrase conjures up images in your minds. The thought of going against “The System” is terrifying to some. Why make waves? Others make it a habit to cross the system. They usually end up in jail or destroying themselves or others around them. Behind every system is a group of powerful people. They usually work within the system, or even manage it. The system provides these people income for their livelihood. It provides opportunity for nefarious individuals to take advantage of others as well. Some people attack these groups and place themselves in grave danger for the benefit of others.

Most consider rocking the boat, going against the grain, or being an antiestablishmentarian something tied to licentiousness such as homosexuality or open displays of pornography. Jesus was an antiestablishmentarian and as pure as the wind driven snow.

Most consider “rocking the boat,” “going against the grain,” or being an anti-establishmentarian something tied to licentiousness such as homosexuality or open displays of pornography – some audacious display of carnality. Worldly displays of going against the grain are actually displays of man’s true wicked nature. They are all self-focused, self-interested and self-gratifying there is no redeeming value to such activity. Jesus upset the whole apple cart to redeem the soul of man and is as pure as the wind driven snow.

The nefarious in the system are usually called “organized crime” or “the syndicate” or some such label. The Sadducees that oversaw much of the business in Judea were just such a group. Some were legitimate businessmen. Most were simply wealthy merchants like Ben Haramed in “The Little Drummer Boy” interested in nothing more than increasing their fortune at any cost.

Now things come into more clear perspective when we think of Jesus. The zeal that would consume Jesus in John 2:17 was for righteousness in the face of pure evil. Satan ran much of the show in Israel. He runs much of the show in our world today. Going against him and his minions is going to ruffle feathers. Godliness brings out evil. Since most are lost to the world, they will stand beside evil over good. As we witness and purport righteousness in our communities prepare yourselves for the attack. It will come, and it may consume you. We must always turn our eyes upon Jesus and look full into his wonderful face. The world will grow dim in the light of His glory and grace. Jesus gave His life for your livelihood in heaven. What a friend we have in Jesus!