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Typical of political and many scientific consensus decisions. As closed minded as Spaniards of Columbus' day.

Typical of political and many scientific consensus decisions. As closed minded as Spaniards of Columbus’ day.

Whether you have a religion or no religion, it affects everything. As time goes forward, America seems to be falling backward in wisdom. Please do not confuse wisdom with knowledge. Knowledge means one comprehends something. Wisdom is proper use of that knowledge. Consensus religion (or science, child rearing, morality, etc) is a perfect example of our lacking knowledge. If man lacks knowledge, by definition, he cannot have wisdom.

Much of our waning wisdom stems from fading knowledge. Many believe if you worship “god” you worship the same one everyone does. However, consensus religion could not be farther from the truth. This consensus, like most others, is false. For instance…

In 1492, Columbus sailed the blue. Consensus science determined Columbus would fall off the earth. Had it not been for this great explorer our world would remain flat for many years. Some demean his efforts as focused on gaining profit for his queen as a quest to discover gold. Regardless, Columbus was a devout Christian man whose writings, logs and testimonies are replete with desires to please God. Before Columbus, consensus science believed (a matter of faith) the world was flat. Once Columbus disappeared over the horizon, no one knew what had happened to him. Columbus knew because he read the Word of God.

In 1604, the religion of England was Anglicanism. Consensus from the throne and within the church was that all Protestantism and fundamental Christianity (Anabaptists and Puritans) must whether voluntarily or by force, capitulate. All clergy teaching reformist doctrine were stripped of their credentials, licenses and positions. This activity in consensus is the normal pattern of tyranny. Tyrants control through denial or disbursement. They deny victims their liberties to elicit submission. They disburse services to create dependence in their victims. Unable to convince people through logical argument or truth, autocrats resort to personal capricious attacks or physical violence.[i] Protestants and puritans stood firm against consensus religion. They were hunted down, arrested, jailed and many times slain. To escape the consensus they sailed to North America to worship freely.

In 1861, conservative southern democratic states fought to keep slavery and subsistence farming while progressive republican states supported phasing out slavery and subsistence labor. A republican president, Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation proclamation against the southern democratic consensus in 1863. Freeing the slaves was a historic victory by a believer in Christ against a largely humanist consensus.

In modern day religion, consensus is growing that we all worship the same god. Consensus says everyone must assimilate into the world’s society. Consensus demands churches grow more contemporary in music, worship services and societal trends. This consensus requires Unitarian worship and acceptance (not merely tolerance) of other beliefs. This ignores the oppression of other world religious systems such as Islam, which threatens death for unbelievers, or the blatant anti-Christian worship of Buddhism. If these religions are one in the same, Jesus would be a liar to say, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” (John 14:6) Contemporary religious conformity ignores separatist demands in scripture (Gen 12:1). Religious Unitarian consensus ignores history. It demeans the sacrifice of God on the cross in the person of Jesus Christ. Consensus religion is as illogical as consensus science. Both ignore the truth to please the recognized elite for their disciplines. Yesterday it was Catholicism and a flat earth. Today it is tolerance, Islam, Unitarianism and evolutionary theory. Both ignore history that does not conform to the desired outcome. Supporters of consensus religion and consensus science look at history not as a lesson, but as something, they are already too smart to repeat. While they should study it for its lessons, they believe they have naturally evolved without personal knowledge. Without personal knowledge, there is no wisdom. This narcissism leads to a repetitive history and the leaders themselves are responsible for millions of lives lost through chosen historical ignorance.

Today, consensus religion pleases the tolerance crowd. To clarify, the politically correct demand for “tolerance” is a façade that demands acceptance and coincidence. Consensus morals call for the lowest level of acceptance to encompass the widest possible body. Consensus science calls for the widest acceptance of scientific theory and defines the theory as fact through consensus (circular?). Every instance of consensus reasoning results in ostracized non-conformity even when our history shows that non-conformist original thinking is what pushes us forward. We might note that Johannas Kepler, Louis Pasteur and Samuel Morse were among the God fearing scientists in our recent history. With the scriptures as a guide and scientific data provided by Voyager 2, creationist astrophysicist Dr. Russell Humphries predicted the magnetic strength of Uranus two years before evolutionist scientists developed the solution.

Jesus Christ has always been part of the non-conformist crowd. Fundamental Christians are one of the most vilified and ostracized of all believers in God, separatist Christians most of all. Christian, you should be encouraged if you suffer persecution by societal consensus. Consensus religion, science, morals and politics are repeatedly wrong. The educated Christian steeped in scriptural apologetics knows why history repeats itself. To man, consensus means conformity and acceptance. It has a clear leader that is not deity, perfect ground for Satan. It is simple. To the Christian, consensus means worldly; a place Jesus commanded His followers avoid. (1 John 2:15; John 15:19)

We should study history, gain knowledge and exercise wisdom. People want consensus when they really need Christ. Christ encourages we love God, “with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength.” (Mark 12:30) To love God is to seek truth. To seek truth is to have knowledge. To use godly truth, (knowledge) responsibly is to exercise wisdom.

[i] Huguenots: St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre 1572 is an excellent example. Another is our current day consensus pointed at eliminating the freedom to protect ourselves, a rising media tide against gun laws. An example of ends justifies the means to accomplish a desired consensus (disarmament of the populous) is the Fast and Furious Justice Department debacle responsible for hundreds and potentially thousands of deaths perpetrated to cultivate an American cultural desire for more gun control laws.