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When one comes to terms with their standing before the Father in comparison with the Son, he wonders what could he possibly have to offer an omnipotent God. It is at that moment that most throw up their hands in wonderment. It is as if to say, “How could God make use of me?” Be strong and of good courage. God can and will use you, that is why He chose to show you grace.God's grace enables me

Grace is unmerited favor. That favor comes in many forms in scripture. We see it being given for our justification in Romans 3:24. Grace is how we receive access to faith in Romans 5:2; God gives us faith through grace. Salvation is Gods gift of grace in Romans 5:15. There are many examples of grace in the scripture. God favors His children through His grace in many ways.

Everyone can do one amazing thing for God the Father. We can witness our salvation through the Son to everyone we meet. Like John the Baptist in the wilderness sharing and preparing the way for Christ, we too can become God’s grace to someone.

In Romans 11:5 we read about “the election of grace.” In Romans 15:15 Paul tells the Roman believers that his boldness to testify is God given grace. We read where God’s grace is responsible for Paul’s foundational building of the Corinthian church (1 Cor 3:10). In 15:10, we read where all that Paul is as a witness for Christ is given him by God’s grace. In 2 Corinthians 1:12 we find our rejoicing, our testimony, our godly sincerity are all by the grace of God.

Ladies and gentlemen, do you realize you too can become God’s grace to someone. You can actually be the embodiment of the unmerited favor of God to an individual. Can you imagine BEING God’s grace? John the Baptist never failed in his task. God’s grace infused and unleashed His ministry. You too can be the very grace of God. It happens every time you witness Christ to someone. You become God’s grace to that person. What a precious and wonderful truth. Be God’s grace today; witness to a lost soul (2 Cor 8:7).