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When man reaches toward God it becomes religion. When God reaches toward man it becomes salvation.

When man reaches toward God it becomes religion. When God reaches toward man it becomes salvation.

Man has attempted to reach out to God from the beginning. First, man thought he could be like God (Genesis 3:5). We thought this would bring us closer to being God, to experience and have knowledge of both good and evil. This sin resulted in ejection from paradise on earth, separation from God.

Then, as angels chose to leave heaven, man thought that joining with them may get him closer to God. Again, with man it was a physical and intellectual experience (Genesis 6:2). Mankind mated with angels and created a growing rebellion on earth that resulted in a need to cleanse the earth through a massive worldwide flood.

Throughout the history of the world, man reaches out to get closer, be more like, or better understand God. The tower of Bable, worshiping through devotion to religious systems (Catholicism, Islam, Mormonism, etc.), moralistic religion (Shintoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, etc.) and others exemplify these truths.  Man has a very hard time realizing and admitting then existing in the reality that the only real way this association can develop is by God reaching out to us. We cannot engineer it.

Man cannot ascend to God. God must lower Himself to man’s plane. That does not mean God has to be coincident with sin, but He certainly braves the waters with us (Hebrews 4:15). Man can never achieve deity, only God can come down to be and associate with man. Man is seldom humble enough to recognize he is incapable of being God, even knowing God. God is omnipotent. He knew He had to humble himself to save man. God is perfectly loving. Through His perfect love, God arranged to perfectly humble himself and perfectly atone for the sins of mankind.

God manifested himself in the flesh to develop intimate and holy relationships with mankind. He showed himself to us so we could know Him on our level. We have to understand God as God, but we can only comprehend God as man. We are limited in our understanding, He is limitless. Secretly we recognize the transcendence of God. In recognizing this, man understands the one thing that disgusts him more than any other truth. Man is mortal, finite, incomplete. He is subordinate to a more superior being. Man is not self-determinant. God became man; man cannot become God. God made man; man did not make God.

He reached out to us through His love even while we were sinners (Romans 5:8). We rejected Him (Isaiah 53:3). God loved us from the beginning of His creation (2 John 1:6). He revealed His love. He came to be with us out of love. Now, because God became flesh, we can be spirit with God (John 4:23-24).