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The Word was before all things, even the light you see here for He is LIght and Life!

The Word was before all things, even the light you see here for He is Light and Life!

In the beginning everything was dark and void. Nothing existed except the Word. Before our moon orbited our planet the Word lived eternally planning the event. Before our planet orbited our sun one time, the Word planned the other stars in our solar system. Before our sun orbited the galaxy we know as the Milky Way, the Word was planning other even more expansive galaxies many light years away. Before anything was the Word (John 1:1-3).

The Word was one with God. The Word had the same character and essence as God. This Word was God. The Word, the first to speak life and light into existence is God and His words are efficacious. When the Word speaks things happen. He is not only the Word, He is Word. God the Son exists as Word spiritually and materially therefore, when He speaks things are created with His utterances. The words of the Word, “Become.”

The same Word is God is with God and has the power and authority of God. God is the Word and the Word is God. The Word lived before time began and will live long after this world is destroyed. He is Word.

From the invisible molecule to a Herculean sun able to contain one billion of our suns God, the Word, the Son created it all with a word. He spoke and it became.