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And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, …and be ye thankful. (Col 3:15a,c)

In Ephesians 5:20, we are told to give thanks in all ways in all things. This week we celebrate that thanks, Christian thanks, giving to people in order to share the one greatest thing we are thankful for, salvation.

Our thankfulness should be extended to everyone we know. Our thankfulness should extend to the challenges in our lives. Every prophet, every leader, every preacher, deacon or elder in the scriptures suffered simply to serve Christ and they were thankful for the privilege to do so.

Our thankfulness comes from God’s love in us. We best project that love and thanks when we witness to others, when we obey Him, when we love Him most by resting completely in faith. When we exercise complete belief in Him and His provision, we thank God through our actions.

We thank God when we thank those He sends into our lives to help fulfill His will. We thank God when we thank Him for using us in His will whether in a trial or through God’s blessings. We are to be thankful for all things and in all ways.

In whatever way we receive things from God, we are to be thankful. Chris and I have been blessed to be at this ministry for four years. There have seen trials, but we are thankful. There have seen great blessings and we are thankful. We are thankful for all of you. We know God loves you and us. We have experienced His love and we have been blessed to see Him love you and rejoice together for it.