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Humility: It was a choice for Him. It is a choice for us.

Humility is a strange thing. Many are capable of it in great quantities, or seemingly so. True humility is displayed most perfectly while under duress. The perfect example of humility is found in our Lord Jesus maintaining His composure under severe duress while falsely accused and tortured (Matt 26:57-63).

For the Lord, humility would seem a natural act in His perfection. However, He is God and His perfection demands justice as well. His temptation is greater than we could ever fathom. He humbled Himself unto death, even death the of the cross for our salvation (Phil 2:8). For his humanity it was one of the most oppressive temptations He ever experienced. To keep his tongue and not even speak against such hateful false accusations and contempt; to face such prideful sin and despotism and say not a word in defense or commentary. Most of us have never been tested in this fashion. Certainly none of us can claim being tested as God would be called to execute perfect justice against sin. We could never experience forgoing just judgment executing perfect justice against sin to die for those very sins. We serve a gracious and loving God.

Humility is the chief ingredient to submission. Pride is the greatest part of rebellion. Christlikeness is displayed chiefly through humble and submissive obedience. The Son obeyed the Father in all things. The Son went further; He humbled himself to pagan Roman soldiers and the brutality of their society. That is pure simple loving humility. This is the love our God displayed in a perfect humility man can hardly comprehend.