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A broken and contrite heart, God will not despise.


When we consider worship, we should consider anytime we go before God worship. We should go before Him regularly, and especially in times of great stress and turmoil (Job 1:20). God should be our rock. He should be our portion. God should be our resource for strength to endure. He is the only one who is now and always will be there to lean upon during great times of struggle in life or death (Heb 13:5).

What we might gather from the overall teaching of Job is that worship is not simply an individual act (Job 1:5). Worship is not simply sacrifice or sacrifices to God. Worship is not simply knowing God is there or, as in James 2:19 like the devils do, believing in God. Worship is about your heart and keeping it knelt before God at all times and not forcing God to kneel before our own hearts. Psalm 51:17 tells us that perfect worship is a broken and contrite heart.

All those around Job failed to see how to keep their hearts in check when faced with things of the regular day (Job 1:5). It is no wonder they failed when trying times came. Job was just the opposite. Job kept his heart oriented toward God every day and therefore could keep his heart oriented toward God on even the most strenuous of days.

Where is your heart? Is it dedicated to worshiping God everyday. That daily dedication will promote the proper heart response in times of turmoil, stress or great emotional loss and pain. Seek God’s face “continually” as Job did. Love God; He loves you.