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Man understood every imperfect sacrifice, man never understood the perfect sacrifice.

Sacrifice is a word that many speak with reference to one giving all for the many. Sacrifice is also something we consider contemptuous when it is person or we cannot see it as efficacious. We have difficulty considering sacrificing income for the sake of anything. In fact, we see increased income as the answer and could hardly contemplate loosing or forfeiting salary as a positive sacrifice.

Sacrifice is not always given for the many and it is not always resources. Sacrifice is frequently attitude or desire. Many times we have to sacrifice fear and service.

One of the hardest things to do is give up control. We fear that which we cannot master.  If we have it in hand, we seem to feel as though it is ours; we possess it.  What we have to face is that we own nothing. Nothing is completely ours, only given us for stewardship. Even our children do not belong to us, they belong to God and are entrusted to us. We balk at the thought that we must release our children into the very hand of God. We see only the things of the world for our children, but there are greater more glorious things to hope in for the believer.

Only with the power of the Son of God in us are we capable of His sacrifice. Only with His hope alive in our hearts are we capable of sacrifice such as Abraham gave in Isaac. Only God’s living hope for eternal life in our hearts are we able to tell others about that eternal hope in Christ. With Christ’s eternal hope we are capable of complete sacrifice of ourselves, of our fears, of our service and of our families salvation and preservation.  (John 3:16; Romans 5:2; 8:20)