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What have I done? I believe this is the first question we should ask ourselves before we look at another with crooked eyes. We don’t ask the question to dismiss wrongdoing. We should ask to adjust our mindset. We should not ask to revisit forgiven sin as some form of self-disparagement. We should ask the question to adjust or spiritual attitude toward others.

Why would God forgive me? I believe this is the second question we should ask ourselves before we denounce another. Not to evade the truth. Not to escape any responsibility to deal with sin. We should consider the fact that God forgave the most vile of humans for His glory. If a perfect sinless God can do that, we should consider our attitudes and accusations against others. We should approach any such interaction knowing God has already exonerated everyone through His Son, Jesus Christ.

The answer to the first question is you have broken God’s law (Romans 3:23). The answer to the second question is God loves you (John 3:16). To God, your sin, challenges, worry, wrongdoing or mistake is the same as everyone’s sin, challenge, worry, wrongdoing or mistake. That’s why God the Father asked His own Son to sacrifice Himself on the cross for everyone. These are the reasons we esteem others higher than ourselves. We serve a truly forgiving and loving God.