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Living in the world, we naturally lie to one another. We want everyone to believe we have a happy life full of the pleasures this world can offer. If we are lower class, we want folks to believe we are middle class. If we are middle class, we want people to believe we are upper middle class. We get angry when people call our bluff. We say we hate liars yet we are normally some of the most prolific deceivers. We threaten our wrath upon anyone who calls us a liar. We find ways to bolster our personal reality. One way is to talk badly about others, especially God. We blame Him by saying, “God made me this way, He’ll accept me this way.” That is the old man wearing the old clothes and living in a world dominated by sin and controlled by Satan. We want people to think we are something, when we are not.

Colossians 3:5-12 tells us about these things. It tells us about a new man too. This new man knows Jesus Christ personally as the Savior of the world. This new person has faced the sins of their past, laid them at the foot of the cross and repented of those sins. The new man is renewed in knowledge and seeks to emulate Jesus. We have new hope, new life, new desires and new friends who are new in Christ too. What a friend we have in Jesus!