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The Contestants entrance

The Conquerors and Crusaders lined up to cross the drawbridge and enter combat. Watch out for the moat!

Our VBS opened on July 23rd. Our families handed out hundreds of flyers, invited hundreds of folks and saw hundreds of faces in the month leading to our 2012 VBS. We were blessed with 16 youngsters in our program on the first night! The greatest news is, three accepted Christ as their savior! We are overjoyed at the Work God is doing at Grace Bible. Come join us as His grace abounds and His love saves souls. Here are some  pictures of our first evening.

The Kids entered the castle in the normal fashion you would enter a castle, over the drawbridge and into the bailey.

The castle walls are adorned with the respective banners and crests. The castle keepis the focus of attention and the battlements provide protection.

The Conquerors

The Conquerors were just as energetic and much louder in their preparation for the first siege. Though it was very close, they took the overall points score this night.

As the kids gathered into their teams, battle lines were quickly drawn. While the

The Crusaders

The mighty Crusaders organized for their first siege! Once they got going, it was hard to hold them back!

Crusaders were very energetic and displayed a very vocal strength, the Conquerors had a quiet strength that was greatly imposing. The castle is in trouble. Both the Crusaders and the Conquerors are on the edge of a successful siege. We will discover at the end of the week who was successful.

The most wonderful blessing happened here. All five of these youngsters responded to the gospel and three of them were saved!!! The Angelic host in Heaven rejoiced July 23, 2012!!!

The Webbs conduct classes during VBS as well.

Mrs. Webb with Bananas

Mrs. Webb presented the Gospel to the youngsters in her class using a wonderful little guy named Mr. Bananas. Mr. Bananas is a monkey that works with Mrs. Webb. He was a little camera shy.

Mrs. Webb takes younger ages, Mr. Webb takes on the older kids. Both present clear gospel presentations on the first night and build on those presentations to encourage youngsters in Christ.

On our second day, God blessed with many new kids. We had 22 new children show up. Because the Crusaders were the most energetic, they made things a little lopsided. Still, the points tally’s were close because of scripture memorization. This day, Conquerors 42,500 to Crusaders 45,000. The Crusaders pulled ahead after being behind yesterday.

Beginning the Chalk Talk

Mr. Web began a chalk drawing that he will finish over the next few days. Watch and follow as it develops. What do you think it is going to be? Comment below.

We have game time at VBS where the teams line up Mano-a-mano. Some of those 5 year old’s are tough!

Kids at Play

Kids have a great game time with Sean and Leigh leading some of the most intense 15 minutes they’ll experience. They loved it!

Isiah's confused

Isaiah says, yea, that’s my sister. I know, I know. Flowers.

You want me to do what!

My brother thinks that’s strange and he’s only five.

Go, Go, Go

Hold on for just another second, I’m coming!

Marissa's winning

Marissa’s alone because she IS the only one who knows what’s going on!

Do this

Mr. Senter says, walk this way. No, THIS way!

Sit here?

Some of our kids were a little confused about where they should sit during the closing time.